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First week's Program

Salamanca Market Tour

Getting to know your coursemates through an introductory session. You'll also get an overview about Cameroonian economy and market opportunities. An observation tour through Salamanca market, looking out for business strategies related to what you see.

Getting your idea into shape

You'll be introduced into a set of tools to think of startup ideas for eaxpmle: How to turn your personal hobby into a buisness? By the end of the day you'll have a clear vision on what you want and the reasons for it to become a successful business.

Plan your Business

Follow the Business Model Canvas BMC to develop a clear plan of main points that will get investors interested in your project. 


Plan your Business


Developing the plan further, going more in details about the following: Who are you targeting by this service/ product? What are you providing as a different service to get your customer's attention? How will your business make money?

Think Clever

Tips on how to use marketing tools to get customers/ investors attention Then, you'll develop your brand identity starting form distinguishing your service from other existing ones, moving on to choosing a name and stylising your look. 

1 Day/ 3 hours

1 Day/ 3 hours

2 Day/ 6 hours

Swap up

Discover potential partners starting with your coursemates' skills and moving on to what kind of partnership you would need to succeed. You'll also get a feedback on the previous week's work. 

Build up your page

You'll get to know how to categorise the displayed information and stylise it based on your service/ product by adding your own developed identity, profile and service explanation in the program website.  

Role play​/

free acess

You'll get a chance as a founder to practice what you've learned over the past week in a role-play meeting where you'll convince people to buy your brand's service/ product. We'll invite people with interest and they'll vote for the best project to be featured in our website. 

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1 Day/ 3 hours

1 Day/ 3 hours

1 Day/ 3 hours

Second week's Program

1 Day/ 3 hours

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